Big Brothers Big Sisters of Taranaki

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Snr/Const Paul Lampe | Programme Manager, Big Brothers Big Sisters
As a local charity in Taranaki we were looking for a design company that could work alongside us to assist with the development of our profile in Taranaki. When we first met with the team at Future Grafix our immediate impression of the organisation was one of innovation and competence. Fives years on, we are still impressed with Logan and his team.
We had strict guidelines on the use and design of our international logo and corporate sponsorship logo, but Future Grafix proved that they were more than capable of providing us with an outstanding design for our new vehicle with the greatest of efficiency.
The professional, corporate design they created has provided us with positive feedback from members of the public, and accolade from our sponsor.
We have since increased our business with Future Grafix, which includes the design of new brochures and other promotional material. We are now using a design and colour scheme suggested by Logan Sutton.
We have had tight timeframes on occasion for work to be completed - Future Grafix has delivered consistently and on time. We have found them at all times to be an accountable and professional business.

A bit about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Taranaki
Big Brothers Big Sisters is an internationally successful one to one youth mentoring programme for children and young people who want and need a mentor in their lives.
BBBS, as it's known, started in 2007 in Taranaki to provide some positive, stable and independent role models and now has over 100 active matches.
Our wonderful volunteer mentors are simply, everyday adults who can spare an hour or two a week, want to have fun and can commit for at least a year.
When any child or young person is isolated from positive adult mentors, their peer group becomes their key influence. Without an older person for stability, they're like a ship without a rudder.
The mentoring programme works because it's fun - it's clear that the adults gets as much out of the relationship as the young person.
The key is the young person knows that the adult person accepts them for who they are. They don't have to put on a mask and try to be someone else.